Sunday, December 23, 2007

An unplannd future

This is my very first post on this blog. So, it's about as good as time as any to set some goals - not just for 2008, but for a bit longer than that.

I am putting this blog together as a way of sharing the wealth of resources that I come across every day. The links that will feature here - news reports, articles, analyses, blog posts, opinions, research reports, whitepapers, videos - will concentrate primarily on social media and what it means for marketers, advertisers and those in the communication business.

One of the essential ingredients in the broth that I want to brew is serendipity. The kind that will result in seeking one thing and coming up with many many more - expected, unexpected and out-of-the-blue stuff.

But, serendipity is a trick that can't be pulled off by following a series of steps, or, for that matter, by setting a few hard and fast goals. What goes in the box is what someone else will take out of it.

So, the one thing I want to ensure over the next year (and the years after that) is to make this blog reflect how I expect people (including myself) to use it. That spirit won't just be enshrined in its name or in this post - it's going to be unplannd all the way.

[Original pic by clickykbd. This post is a part of a blog project sharing blogging goals for 2008.]