Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oops...Starbucks is listening

Starbucks shows it's listening, with the launch of My Starbucks Idea - a social network where consumers post ideas on how Starbucks can improve its service and products or comment and vote on others' ideas. Putting money where its mouth is, it will also keep consumers up to speed on what Starbucks is doing with the proposed suggestions on a new blog, Ideas in Action.

A similar Web 2.0 initiative from Dell - IdeaStorm - resulted in a few concrete product developments and, in turn, got a big thumps up by Jeff Jarvis ( its fiercest critic) in BusinessWeek.

Unplannd thot: While non believers continue to brand it as a mere corporate propaganda site, it sure is a wise move by Starbucks to move the conversation from starbucksgossip.com to where it should rightly belong - with Starbucks.

Original pic by Daquella Manera